10 February 2010

Conservative Party Head Attacks SNP

The Scotsman reports that David Cameron, head of Britain's Conservative Party, made extensive comments about the Scottish National Party (SNP) and its leader, Alex Salmond, in "several newspaper interviews today."

Cameron argued the SNP's "dreams of an independent Scotland will remain dreams." He added that Salmond lives in "a perpetual episode of Braveheart."

Why is Cameron going after the SNP so aggressively? Most likely he is concerned by claims that a Tory administration at Westminster would speed-up Scottish independence, a fear that might turn away some voters. The run-up to the next general election is truly hotting up.

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  1. The Scots are also attempting to crash devolved and non-devolved spheres together to create a melee in the upcoming general election, by holding a referendum on Independence or increased autonomy in the Scottish parliament. See e.g. this, and the comments section that follow it: